Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post #5 Part 2

Blog Post #5 Part 2

My Final PLN
By: Chelsea Powers

My PLN has become very useful to me throughout the weeks in EDM 310. It has helped me keep organized on the various different websites I use in this class. I hope everyone found this as useful as I did. Here is a link to my own personal PLN.

Chelsea's PLN

C4K #3

C4K #3

Lowrey B's Blog
If I could start my own business, I would start a candy shop in Bricktown. I would put my shop in Bricktown because a lot of people go there for Thunder games and Dodger games. I would want to live close to Bricktown because I want to go to Thunder games. I would name my shop Old Fashion Candy. I love that theme in candy stores! I would have every kind of candy that you can think of in big barrels. My shop would also have pop in bottles that are like root bear. The building would be made out of bricks on the inside and outside. I would also have wooden planks on the roof. The walls would also have bible verses on them, so I can share the bible with people who come in. That would be my whole purpose of the store and to eat a lot of candy.

My Reply:


Hi my name is Chelsea and I am going to school to become an elementary teacher. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It seems like you have really put a lot of thought into your candy store. I also liked the fact that you incorporated bible verses on the wall. I know I would definitely visit your candy store. Good Luck and follow your dreams!!

Chris Blog

Chris Wrote:
I am very hungry today.

My Reply:
Hi Chris,
My name is Chelsea and I am going to school to become an elementary teacher. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post# 13

Blog Post #13
By: Chelsea Powers

In the this Blog Post we were instructed to do the following assignment.

Create an assignment for a Blog Post I should have created in your area of speciality (math, history, elementary ed, special ed, whatever). Write the instructions that I should have put here. Then do it.

I chose to do the assignment on "How can Teachers Help Children with ADHD in the Classroom".

Statistics show that 11% of American Children are diagnosed with ADHD. CDC ADHD This can be very challenging and frustrating as a teacher. I chose this topic because not only will I have to deal with this in a classroom I also deal with this from day to day with my own child. As a mother with a child that has ADHD the most important thing is PATIENCE. This is challenging for a teacher because it can be very disruptive to the classroom. Children with ADHD have problems with organizing, being still for a long period of time, and having problems following through with assignments. I have listed a few resources below on how teachers can be more effective with children who is diagnosed with ADHD.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

C4K #2

                              March C4K
Job Shadowing

My Reply:
Hi Joe,
My Name is Chelsea and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I think it is very important for high school students to experience what it would be like before they choose their career path. It took me a while to find that  I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. It is very important for you to pursue what you like to do. Good Luck!! Per 6 Matt
Influental Black Musician: Kendrick Lamar
One black influential musician I believe is Kendrick Lamar. He was raised and started in the ghetto of Compton that is full of gang violence and crime. Kendrick Lamar has become influential with messages in his music that makes people think and notice issues in politics, to questions of our human nature and ourselves, and even to the good and bad in our American culture. While using poetic justice to make everyone challenge what happens in our society, he has become a hip-hop idol and what some young people might call G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). It is clear he will become inspiration and an idol to the future of hip-hop and make a wave of challenging society using music

My Reply:
Hi Matt,
My Name is Chelsea and I am a student at the University of South Alabama.I enjoyed reading your blog. I am not familiar with this musician but after reading your blog It definitely made me want to do more research on him. Great post!
Left Behind is written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.  It is set in the last three years of the Tribulation called the Great Tribulation.  The protagonists, referred to as the tribulation force, include ex-pilot Rayford Steele,  reporter Cameron “Buck” Williams, Rabbi Tsion ben Judah, doctor Chaim Rozenzweig, pilot Mac McCullum, leader of an international trading function Chloe Steele, and ex-military George Sebastian.  The antagonists are the Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia and false prophet Leon Fortunato.  Being set in the end times, many disasters are taking place as the Tribulation Force tries convert nonbelievers into Christians.  The Global Community (GC) led by Nicolae Carpathia, tries harder and harder to stop the Tribulation Force going to the extent of fire bombing a crowd of believers as the time grows near for the Glorious reappearing of Christ.
The main protagonist, Rayford Steele, is the leader of the Tribulation Force. He and the other members of the Tribulation Force try to loosen Carpathia’s grip on the world by sharing the good news of Christ.  In to the Great Tribulation, those who have taken the mark of the beast are suffering from plagues poured out on them by God, such as boils, extreme heat and writhing pain.  Tsion, Rayford, and Chaim all survived a fire bombing done by the GC and are the center of attention.  Carpathia tells Leon  to recruit “miracle workers” to counter the Christians.  More tensions grow as more Christians are martyred around the world.
This book is not for the light of heart.  I would recommend this book to someone interested in post-apocalyptic books.  I really enjoyed this book as I do the series.  If you like learning more about Revelation and the Antichrist and all that, I would definitely recommend it.  I definitely plan on reading the next book in the series and other books written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

My Reply:
My Name is Chelsea and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very informative. Great Post!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blog Post #11

Blog Post #11

What can we learn about teaching from these other teachers?
By: Chelsea Powers

Back to the Future
In this video Brian Crosby really knows how to get his class motivated. I have learned a lot from just hearing him speak. Mr. Crosby talks about empowering kids to learn on their own just like we do in EDM 310. He promotes hand on learning such as the project with the hot air balloon that his students did. The hot air balloon seemed to really get the class motivated and work collaboratively in groups. Mr. Crosby also involved the community and made this really a big deal for the students. The most important thing I learned from his video is that whatever the context is that you are teaching make it meaningful and motivational. This video also taught me the importance of technology in the classroom when he talked about Celeste that has leukemia. This is a little girl that cannot attend school because of her treatments and instead of just sending work home for her Mr. Crosby takes extra steps and has her on video in the classroom so she can interact with other students. It was a very touching story! This is a teacher that really cares about his student’s education.

Blended Learning Cycle
Paul Anderson Incorporates all aspects of a good Lesson. The picture that he shows in his video at first was very good understanding of how people thought that the future classrooms would be like. Mr. Anderson tells us how important the power of questioning is for their students. He starts off by getting the attention of the class with the disk that does not stop spinning. He then moves to a driving question and figures it out. They then investigate and experiement. He uses small group activities that involve collaboration with each other. Mr. Anderson also uses paper and pencil quiz to measure the students content knowledge of the subject. I believe this is important so that you can have a record of what the student has learned and what they have not. Mr. Anderson uses The five E's and Oilers disk to explain his techniques.

Making Thinking Visible
Mark Church demonstrates students having a deeper thought process about the content. It is very neat to see what the students think about the content before they actually review it. This also gives the teacher an idea on how to teach the content and different way of questioning. It is very interesting on how their outlooks change after reading and learning the content. This promotes critical thinking skills and group collaboration.

Building Comics
Same Pane taught his students the importance of using internet safety by letting them create their own Superhero digital citizen. This was a really engaging activity. He talke about making good choices when it comes to using the internet. I think this is very important for students to learn. As a parent and a future teacher I want my child to know how important it is to use the internet safely.

Project based Learning
In this video it shows the importance of teacher collaboration. They call this integrated studies which means deeper understanding. It combines technology, English, and History. By doing this it gives the students more time to blend ideas, content and quality feedback. They teach beyond the curriculum to give their students real life scenarios. By the teachers combining technology with English and History, this gives them ownership their work. They get feedback from all over the world which makes them want to do a better job on their assignments. This video shows me how effectively teachers should work together and collaborate to benefit their students.

Roosevelt's Project based learning
Roosevelt Elementary School seems to be a very community oriented school. They keep the parents well informed of what is going on with their children and in the classrooms. The teachers come together using state standards. The Teachers at Roosevelt believe posing real life problem solving skills for their students will make them not only become effective learner but good citizens. By teaching their student PBL they are taught how to work on a project from start to finish. It also teaches them public speaking skills by collaborating with each other. They are taught decision making by the teacher giving them choices on their projects. They are learning so many different learning styles which is truly amazing. There are so many different ways I will incorporate what I have learned in this video into my future classroom.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog Post #10

What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy?
By: Chelsea Powers

In this video of Ms.Cassidy's 1st grade class the students demonstrate how they use technology in their classroom. The students look like they have a very good time collaborating with each other.

Ms. Cassidy's video part 1

In this video I learned the importance of technology in the classroom. I also agree with her about how college students should learn as much as they can about it while they are still in school. She also states that technology is not going to just go away or change. There is always something new and exciting to learn about. Ms. Cassidy also states how the students enjoy to see people from all over the world reading their blogs and different projects they do. I believe this would want students to continue improving their work because they know it's just not their teacher that will be reviewing their work.

Ms. Cassidy's video part 2
I can relate to Ms. Cassidy when she states in her interview about how she does not use social media at home in her personal life. I use social media just for this class. I do not have Facebook! The only reason I have Twitter is for this class. I will implement blogging and Skype in my future classroom but I will be very cautious in protecting my students as well. I had to give permission for my son to use the internet at his school as well, which I think was a great idea! I can see why parents do not want their children using social media.

Ms. Cassidy's video part 3
The thing that really stood out to me in this video was the term "Piggybacking". One of the students in the EDM 310 class asked Ms. Cassidy about it being easy for students to cheat when using social media from year to year or semester to semester. Her response was this is why it is important for teachers to collaborate and work together to change up the material so students can create their own response to the new material.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Post #9

Blog Post #9
By: Chelsea Powers

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?
Project based learning is always a learning experience. There is always something new and exciting to learn about. Students and teachers teach us how to integrate PBL into our classroom environment to make a fun learning experience that will make a mark and not be forgotten.

What Motivates Students?
By watching the video What Motivates Students? I have learned in order to motivate students you have to find what interest the students and then associate the projects around real life experiences, something that is personal that they can use an take with them as a life lesson through life. I also found rewarding the students to be very useful. Even if it's as just as simple to tell them what a great job they have done. 

High School Implementing PBLPBL High School Math
Implementing PBL in a high school environment especially through English and Math could be some what difficult. The teachers at Sammamish High School is overcoming this possibility. I believe by connecting students at this age to the subject content and the outside world is very important. Speaking for myself I know that Math can be a very challenging subject but by letting them create games collaboratively and working the problems out through something they created helps them give a better understanding of what they need to know. The success rates that Sammamish High School has seen since implementing PBL shows that this is working for students. Title=

My Conclusion
Through my findings I have found that the most important things I have learned is to have a driving question. Not just an ordinary question but a question that is engaging to students that will want them to think about what they are learning. This leads to the importance of open-ended questions. Open-ended questioning promotes communication skills and problem solving. By engaging students through driving questions, open-ended questions, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and collaboration you have met the common core state standards.In Project based learning students take charge of their learning. They get to investigate the problems and share with others and then they have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and findings. Title=